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What We Do

Holodetect Enables Rapid, AI-Enhanced, Fully Automated Cell Counting and Classification


The Pain

Detecting microparticles, microorganisms, counting various cell species in liquids to ensure quality is paramount across multiple industries, including microalgae culturing, food production, water utilities, and beyond. A wide range of technologies and methodologies are available to measure critical parameters of these processes. However, many of these solutions can be labor-intensive, costly, and challenging to integrate into existing industrial workflows.


The Cure

Our team specializes in creating innovative solutions that utilize a range of advanced technologies. These include digital holographic microscopy, fluorescent microscopy, and cutting-edge artificial intelligence. Our primary goal is to accurately classify and count algal cells and precisely measure various cell parameters. To achieve this, we design compact devices that operate completely automatically.

Grow with Us

Holodetect devices alleviate the need for manual haemocytometry, offering a significant advantage in scaling up operations in microalgae farming, food processing operations or ensuring water safety for water utilities. Automation in quality control is crucial for cost efficiency and maintaining consistent quality. Holodetect devices are customizable to meet the specific needs of various cell species, microparticles, and can flexibly integrate with a wide range of industrial equipment.


Our Holodetect instruments feature measurement cuvettes with depths ranging from 100 to 10,000 microns to accommodate different magnification needs. Leveraging the power of digital holographic microscopy, Holodetect captures the entire sample depth in a single image, eliminating the need for refocusing. This technology allows for reconstructing all sample objects from the recorded hologram with minimal sample preparation. It also supports flow-through operations for analyzing large volumes of samples.

The analysis of reconstructed images is powered by advanced artificial intelligence. These AI models are highly adaptable and can be trained to identify various species and objects within the sample accurately. Additionally, our holographic microscope can be integrated with fluorescent microscopy to enhance classification precision and conduct a variety of fluorescence-based measurements. This synergy between technologies ensures comprehensive sample analysis with unparalleled accuracy. 

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Holodetect sensors and instruments utilize Digital Holographic Microscopy (DHM) and artificial intelligence to automatically analyze volumetric liquid samples to detect, classify, and count objects, cells, and microorganisms in the 3-400 micron range.

Holodetect DHMs are well suited for inline, automated cell count measurements by class. In monocultures, Holodetect can distinguish algae cells from other objects in the sample (debris, small objects, etc.). In multi-species cultures, it provides cell count by species. It also gives an accurate estimate of cell count in cell conglomerates. It measures detailed cell morphology (cell size, shape parameters). Using the built-in fluorescent microscope, a measure of autofluorescence and an estimate of chlorophyll (or other auto-fluorescent molecule) content can be obtained. With appropriate labeling, living and dead cells can be counted separately. 

Solutions and Services


Industrial solutions and integration

Holodetect instruments can be interfaced with existing or under development industrial production processes (e.g. food processing, microalgae culturing, water quality monitoring). We are ready to implement custom sampling and measurement data relaying to the control loop in custom systems.


AI model training and training database annotation

The AI models built in Holodetect can be flexibly trained and retrained to classify new species or objects in fluids. We would be happy to assist you in AI model design and training.
In order to successfully train deep learning models, a significant amount of annotated training data is required. We can help you to build those databases.
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About Us

Holodetect Instruments Ltd. is a spin-off company of HUN-REN SZTAKI, a research institute with the fundamental task of performing basic and application-oriented research in an interdisciplinary setting in the fields of computer science, engineering, information technology, intelligent systems, process control, wide-area networking and multimedia.

Holodetect devices are developed in collaboration with the Computational Optical Sensing and Processing Laboratory of HUN-REN SZTAKI. Our team’s main R&D focus is the development of digital holographic and fluorescent microscopes with applications, among others, in water utilities, microalgae, and beer brewery industries.


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